The Institut Calot of the Fondation Hopale is renowned for treating bone and neurological ailments and has spent over 15 years ranked amongst the best in France for treating orthopaedic and neurological ailments.

Aside from its surgical treatment, the Fondation Hopale has one of the best technical facilities in France (imaging, rehabilitation etc.)

The Fondation Hopale, like every other hospital in France is accredited by the HAS (Haute Autorité de la Santé) : 


The level of certification of the facility is defined
by the "Haute Autorité de la Santé",
after an external assessment. 
It provides a global evaluation of the level of quality
of the whole facility



(certified with recommendations for improvement)


The Fondation Hopale at a glance...

Expert surgeons...

  • Experienced orthopaedic surgeons specialising in all joints: elbow, knee, hip, shoulder, foot, ankle, wrist, hand, spine in children, adults, elderly people and athletes.

Maximum safety...

  • Our surgical treatments are safeguarded by
    • Constant technique development
    • Shorter procedure times
    • Better comfort
    • Better knowledge of bacteria to manage infection risks
    • Highly effective antibiotics

Custom-made prosthetics...

  • Custom-made prosthetics and implants adapted to suit the patient.

The surgeons at Fondation Hopale play an active role in designing joint replacements.

Fast post-surgery recovery…

  • Minimally invasive techniques for less tissue damage and to help make a full recovery.
  • Active post-surgery recovery paired with early rehabilitation with specialists.
  • The procedure is carried out in top safety conditions with an almost non-existent rate of infection or complications.
  • A range of targeted anaesthetics and a keen focus on pain management.
  • Teams are constantly assessed on their professionalism and the medical community regularly attends conferences and meetings in France and abroad to assess itself and its surgical techniques. It is constantly looking for the latest innovations in terms of orthopaedic techniques and patient treatment.

Complete teatment all in one place…

  • Complete patient treatment from consultation to discharge.
  • Access to a cutting-edge technical facility with all the required testing, diagnostic and treatment tools on-site in the shortest possible time: MRI, scanner, EOS imaging, scintigraphy, hybrid gamma camera etc.
  • The medicine and rheumatology departments and pain management centre complement orthopaedic treatment.

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