Our Missions

To provide top quality customised care, receive, listen to, treat, rehabilitate and support as many patients and residents as possible with all-round care using current and future medical disciplines. We offer a fully integrated service, providing the finest men, women and techniques available, as consultants and benchmarks in the heart of the profession.

Our Values

A Values Charter has been written with the administrators and the medical community following a collective discussion. Its aim is to formalise shared references which each of our partners identifies with and is committed to. Our Values Charter represents a moral, personal and professional commitment. Each of us stands by it and finds our own values in it.

  • Quality
  • Respect
  • Humanity
  • Professionalism
  • Commitment
  • Accessibility



We are committed to a continuous quality improvement process ensuring that we offer the highest level of quality, services and care in pleasant surroundings and with cutting-edge equipment for the well-being, comfort and security of patients, users and carers.

To that end, we have several sources of information to help us identify areas which need to be improved, such as complaints analysis, questionnaires, regular audits, professional practice assessments and the reporting of problems.

Consequently, we implement corrective and preventive actions to maintain the quality of our treatments and your care.



Apart from the technical and medical skills to be found at our institutions, we also stand apart through the importance we attach to the human aspect of the care-giving relationship.

Respect for the person is firmly rooted in the culture of the Group, which from its beginnings has been driven by a strong sense of ethics and deep-seated humanistic values.

Respecting each patient's cultural diversity, dignity and rights.



The humanistic values conveyed by the Fondation Hopale institutions form the foundation of the values we live by. Every day we work in a spirit of solidarity and to combat discrimination.

We are committed to treating people properly and fighting all forms of abuse.

We believe in respect, availability and listening to patients, their families and our staff.



Excellence is an unshakeable principle of the expertise and professionalism found in all the disciplines at Hopale International Care.

Over time, the pursuit of Excellence has become part of the Group's culture and heritage and has become inseparable from its image and its relations with its partners and patient customers.

The group's employees are human being experts and put this conviction into practice each and every day to support those being cared for in order to maintain their abilities for as long as possible.

Team spirit, vital for maintaining a level of excellence in the quality of the service provided, is embedded in the soul of our institutions. It is nurtured by the generosity, cohesion and passion of the entire staff as regards the organisation and its plans.



Commitment, tenacity and perseverance are essential for maintaining our expertise and managing the dynamics of change in our institutions, whilst maintaining a certain perspective and a sense of the long-term. And because success only happens through working together, cooperation between teams and the mobilisation of the Group's professionals are determining factors in the success of its projects.

There is a clear spirit of cooperation with the other healthcare players in the region (care networks, associations, local consultants, regional hospital community) to guarantee a wide range of effective and complementary care.



We make sure that we are accessible, responsive and available for our patients who are travelling from abroad. To this end, the Fondation Hopale has formed a large number of partnerships to make the technical and logistical aspects of such journeys easier:

  • Partnership France Surgery which can handle the entire logistics for the journey (www.francesurgery.com)
  • Special "Hopale International Care" website
  • Interactive map (see map here)
  • Partnership with taxi groups at the airport, train station and ferry arrivals to transfer patients.
  • Partnership with hotels and estate agents in the town to accommodate family and friends.

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